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For that extra healthy glow, try our state of the art safe Tanning Services.  Our brand new tanning area is ready and available to have that healthy sun kissed glow all year round or just get summer ready.  We have single, weekly and monthly sessions to keep your budget in mind!

Pre and Post tanning products are available for retail.  Please ask our knowledgeable staff to assist you with any safety, health or best practices.​
Tanning Services:
Single Session                           $10.00
5 Sessions                                  $45.00
10 Sessions                                $65.00
Unlimited Monthly                      $75.00
Express Bronzing Booth         +$5/session
                                                        or $15/mo.

We also offer expert Waxing Services.  We are skilled professionals so the pain is minimal plus hair will grow back finer, slower and easier to maintain.
Waxing Services:
Eyebrow                                           $15.00
Upper Lip                                         $15.00
Chin                                                   $15.00
Full Face                                          $25.00
Underarm                                         $25.00
Full Arm                                            $45.00
Half Leg                                            $45.00
Full Leg                                             $62.00
Back, Chest                                     $80.00
*We also offer Eyelash and Eyebrow Services.  Ask about our various options for eyelash extensions as well as semi/permanent eyebrow reshaping.
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