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  • How often should I wash my hair?
    The average and healthiest length of time is 4-5 days, making sure that you wash the scalp specifically, and then condition mid shaft and ends, and working through remainder conditioner on the roots. The sebaceous glands produce sebum, which is a natural moisturizer and protectant to the hair. Allowing that sebum to be brushed through the hair from roots to end creates shinier and healthier hair. Washing the hair too often, will result in “greasier” hair because you sent the sebaceous glands into over drive of producing sebum.
  • How often should I get my hair cut?
    To maintain a specific length and style we recommend every 4-6 weeks. To grow the hair and just maintain health from split ends, we recommend every 8 – 10 weeks.
  • Why does my blond get brassy?
    There are typically a few reasons as to why the hair becomes “brassy” (yellow/orange tones), which are Porosity, water, heat from hair tools, lighting reflection, UV & environmental damage. Anytime the chemical composition of the hair has been changed, the hair cuticle has been altered and can never go back. Porosity in the hair will absorb all minerals in the water and fill up the cuticle. Heat from heating tools, will alter the color by heating up the cortex and anything within it. Simple things such as warm lighting can reflect on the hair making it appear to be yellow or orange. And lastly, UV and environmental damages create weakness to the hair cortex resulting in fragile bonds and porosity. Simple Tips and Tricks – as our stylist about some of the services and products we offer to help protect your hair!
  • What is a glaze?
    A glaze is a combination of pigments to create the desired tones to the hair as well as nourishing ingredients to help protect your hair against UV and environmental damage, as well as every day damage caused by heating tools, harsh brushing, etc.
  • How do I enhance my natural curls?
    To enhance and define your natural curl pattern or “s” pattern, you should minimize the use of hot tools. Most naturally curly hair has s frizzy-like texture, which would benefit from a leave-in serum or oil to help smooth the cuticle and soften the hair. Maintaining splits ends with a haircut is also important to help keep your curls healthy and bouncy. Washing your hair too often will also result in the hair being stripped of its natural oils. Ask our staff what products and techniques you should add to your regimen to help those curls become soft, bouncy, healthy and frizz-free!
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