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Skin Care

Gina Fauzio
About our Esthetician

Gina Fauzio is a licensed Esthetician in Pennsylvania.  She offers a wide range of services to help you achieve your skin goals.  She specializes in aging, premature aging, sensitive, sun exposed and acne prone skin.  Gina has a passion for skin cate and helping her clients look and feel their best.  She is a trained expert in skin care and the use of her products.
Our clients here at Meraki Hair Salon can always rely on our staff in continuing education to bring the absolute best techniques and products for each and every service we provide.
Skin Services:
60 Minute Facial                                                $82.50
30 Minute Facial                                                $44.00
60 Minute Back Facial                                      $83.00
30 Minute Back Facial                                      $44.00
Microdermabrasion                                           $50.00
Micro w/60 Minute Facial                                $128.00
Micro Package                                                    3 for $140.00
Micro w/60 Minute Facial Package               3 for $365.00
Chemical Peel                                                     $55.00
Chemical Peel Exfoliant                                   +add on $44.00
Pro Power Peel Eye Treatment                       $44.00
Pro Power Eye Peel                                            +add on $33.00
Paraffin Hand Treatment                                  $12.00
Paraffin Treatment                                             +add on $10.00

Skin Quiz:

Our licensed Esthetician Gina Fauzio put together this short 3 question skin care quiz.  Email her your answers and she can prepare a recommended skin care regime and service suggestions to help you maintain your healthy glow, address trouble spots or just general care.
Meraki Skin Care Quiz

Thanks for submitting! We’ll get back to you shortly.

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